Malik Miller

Hometown: Washington, DC

Certifications/Boxing History: I've been boxing for five years since I was 17 years old.

Coaching Style/What to expect in your classes: In my classes you can expect a challenging workout in a fun/enjoyable way. You'll also be pushed to your limits.

#WHYINUBOXX: I like to box because I believe the sport of boxing helps you overcome tough obstacles that you have in life. The sport alone helps build perseverance and persistence.

How do you strive to #BeYourOwnCEO inside and outside the gym? I strive to be my own CEO by staying positive at all times and looking at the bright side of every situation.

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Kylie S.
Love this gym - the coaches are awesome, classes are a great workout & you actually get a skill from it as well.”
Let's do this!
Logan D.
A wonderful boxing gym for fighters of every level. The coaching staff is friendly and accessible, the facilities are clean and well-maintained. Fully recommend.”
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Joseph C.
Donte helped me find my new favorite hobby in boxing, he got me back into some of the best shape I’ve ever been in, and continues to find ways to challenge me while improving my boxing skills at the same time.”
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