90 Day Training Camp

January 13, 2024 - April 13, 2024

Conquer, Evolve, Outperform.

Redefine your resolutions with our annual 90 Day Training Camp and evolve into the best version of yourself in 2024!

We're here to help you kickstart your fitness goals while developing health + wellness regimens designed to last.

Wherever you are in your fitness or boxing journey, we'll meet you there. Are you in?

Signature Classes

The 90 Day membership includes unlimited access to classes. From boxing technique to strength and HIIT training, you will experience a pro boxer's training regimen through our four signature class formats. Our full program will challenge your body and mind, while maximizing the results you see and feel.

Special Workshops

In addition to classes, your 90-Day Training Camp membership gives you access to special workshops and events hosted by our local partners. Topics will include nutrition, mobility, yoga and more. You'll also get the chance to do a Fit3D body scan at our kick-off and end-of-camp celebrations so you can see your progress for yourself!

Three Winners

Three winners will be chosen based on the following categories: (1) Most classes + workshops attended (2) Most improved boxing technique (3) Greatest percent muscle increase. All 3 winners will receive a special prize kit from NUBOXX as well as items from our training camp partners.

Registration details for NEW MEMBERS*

Registration now open through 1/13/24!

  • $49 registration fee**
  • $229 Unlimited membership per month (x3 Months).

*New members are Individuals who have never committed to a monthly membership at NUBOXX before. **Pay just the registration fee TODAY+ get FREE unlimited access to classes until Jan 13th! Membership start and billing date is 1/13/24. You will be charged $229+ tax on 1/13, 2/13 and 3/13/24.

Register Now

Registration details for CURRENT MEMBERS

  • $49 registration fee
  • Current unlimited members only pay a registration fee; membership contract remains the same.
  • Current non unlimited members can freeze their current contract and upgrade. Purchase the registration fee, then email info@nuboxxfitness.com to upgrade to 90 Day Membership.

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Workshops, Special Classes, & Events

Saturday, January 14

10am - 1pm

SAVE THE DATE! Training Camp Kickoff with some of our partners! Details coming soon!

Examples of previous and upcoming workshops for Training Camp! More details and dates will be announced soon!

  • Nutrition 101
  • Sparring 101 class.
  • Pre-habilitation workshop.
  • Rehabilitation workshop.
  • Box & Flow class.
  • Yoga.
  • Women’s Self-Defense class and more!


Absolutely, no prior boxing experience is necessary!

Our program mirrors a pro boxer's training regimen. Our classes are small (max 12 people). We are technique-focused and progress everyone individually.

Our unlimited members typically take 3-4 classes per week. During 90 Day Training Camp that may look more like 4-5 classes per week, but there is no requirement on how many classes you need to take. We recommend mixing up boxing and strength and conditioning classes each week. Our schedule rotates, so you will easily fall into the rotation!

Learn more about our signature program and class formats here.

We are located in the heart of 14th / U Street NW. More details on our studio space and the amenities available at each can be found here.

If you sign up during early registration, you'll be able to start taking classes January 1st! Before training camp officially starts on the 13th, you'll receive an email from us with details on the kick-off event and how to sign up for your initial 3D body scan.

Got Questions?

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Logan D.
A wonderful boxing gym for fighters of every level. The coaching staff is friendly and accessible, the facilities are clean and well-maintained. Fully recommend.”
Let's do this!
Danielle B.
I was hesitant to try another boxing gym because other ones in DC can be a bit too boppy, dancey, dark and techno for me. This place has that small gym feel where the people are there for more than getting skinny, they really appreciate the craft and want to get better.”
Let's do this!
Julie M.
The best workout class I have done in DC! Very accessible for beginners starting and able to continuously progress the more you go.”
Let's do this!