Head Coach

Eric Buckner

Hometown: Washington, DC

Certifications/Boxing History: Nesta CAPT, USA Boxing coach, Nesta CTI certification. IBNFC Nutrition cert. Been Boxing for 15 years.

Coaching Style/What to expect in your classes: Knowledge of the art of Boxing (form, defense, offense, etc.). Adaptive workouts on individual needs.

#WHYINUBOXX: I love to box. I started boxing for rehabilitation and it is now my biggest passion. I box for self-discipline and overall conditioning.

How do you strive to #BeYourOwnCEO inside and outside the gym? I’m always looking to be my CEO in my physical condition and my career. And now NUBOXX is the heart of them both.

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Logan D.
A wonderful boxing gym for fighters of every level. The coaching staff is friendly and accessible, the facilities are clean and well-maintained. Fully recommend.”
Let's do this!
Danielle B.
I was hesitant to try another boxing gym because other ones in DC can be a bit too boppy, dancey, dark and techno for me. This place has that small gym feel where the people are there for more than getting skinny, they really appreciate the craft and want to get better.”
Let's do this!
Julie M.
The best workout class I have done in DC! Very accessible for beginners starting and able to continuously progress the more you go.”
Let's do this!

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