Donte Alston

Hometown: Washington, DC

Certifications/Boxing History: I started boxing at the age of 14. It’s been 13 years now. I’ve competed in the Golden Gloves, USA tournament and Title tournament just to name a few, and I plan on turning pro soon.

Coaching Style/What to expect in your classes: My classes are technical. I like to make sure everything is being done correctly while pushing my clients to become better and have fun while doing it.

#WHYINUBOXX: I NUBOXX because I love the sport of boxing with a passion. Having the opportunity to increase my boxing IQ by being around different styles of coaching is amazing.

How do you strive to #BeYourOwnCEO inside and outside the gym? I focus on positive energy. Just staying tunnel vision on my goals in life. Taking it one day at a time. One punch at a time.

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Kylie S.
Love this gym - the coaches are awesome, classes are a great workout & you actually get a skill from it as well.”
Let's do this!
Logan D.
A wonderful boxing gym for fighters of every level. The coaching staff is friendly and accessible, the facilities are clean and well-maintained. Fully recommend.”
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Joseph C.
Donte helped me find my new favorite hobby in boxing, he got me back into some of the best shape I’ve ever been in, and continues to find ways to challenge me while improving my boxing skills at the same time.”
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